Wouter Bosch

I was born in 1971 in De Lutte in the Netherlands and studied Biomedical Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. After finishing school I started to work in corporate businesses.

For more than 10 years I have carried out projects in the Netherlands and abroad. For about 20 larger organizations and multinationals I realized change. I experienced many organizational dynamics during that time. No behavioral pattern is surprising to me anymore.

Next on my agenda was the Czech Republic. In 2008 I founded a coaching agency in Prague. Later I became a director of an internationally operating Czech production company. After staying in Rome for a short time I settled back in the Netherlands in 2012.

Here I became proficient in systemic work. At the same time, I started offering energetic work to everyone. Everything to set people and companies free.

Wouter Bosch


Inner Freedom

When you use a lot of effort to solve a conflict, to conquer it, suppress it or run away from it, the conflict will not stop existing. Defending, fighting or resisting only breeds more conflict and more problems. The same also happens when you focus or discipline yourself or when you believe in the words of somebody else. You create a conflict between that what you think is the best (or what others think) and that what you are. And if you live with inner conflicts, you are unable to live peacefully with others or with nature. Whatever new conviction or solution you will try, you will not be free. There will not be love.

Love shouldn't hurt

Becoming aware of conditioning

If you can open yourself and become aware of your conditioning. If you can totally go into it, into the total content of it. If you see yourself totally. Then the conditioning, the manifested energy, corresponding conflicts, pain and symptoms will disappear. When you lose the grip on your conditioning, there is new energy, freedom, a fresh mind, a deeper understanding and an indescribable feeling of joy and inner peace.

Beyond the known

You can’t understand yourself through your own thinking. Because your thoughts can only understand so much. They are limited. Your thinking can never see the whole content and truth of reality. The key is to go beyond the images you made of yourself and of life. Going beyond is not an easy task, you need a lot of energy to stay alert to see that you fall into old patterns, prejudices, fear, and so on. Maybe you feel resistant to go beyond, but you will know sooner or later that you have to become serious.

Wouter Bosch | leven en dood

Energy work

Feeling the energy of a situation, a symptom, or the intensity of resistance in an organization came naturally to me. As a child, I found out I could feel pain in somebody else and that I could help to overcome it. It is an aspect that belongs to my life and how I experience existence. If I wouldn’t live it, I wouldn’t live a part of me. I learned that if you connect in total freedom and you have a will to understand the other, the result is always life-supporting. The moment you start to include your self-interest, there is an unavoidable distortion. This disturbance leads to separation, pain, illness and so on. If you work with energy, you are aware of this. You can’t erase a distortion, you can’t erase energy, you can’t erase a problem or a conflict. You can only transform it and bring yourself on a higher (or lower) plan. We reap what we sow.