Wouter Bosch

I was born in 1971 in De Lutte in the Netherlands and studied Biomedical Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. After finishing school I started to work in corporate businesses.

For more than 10 years I have carried out projects in the Netherlands and abroad. For about 20 larger organizations and multinationals I realized change. I experienced many organizational dynamics during that time. No behavioral pattern is surprising to me anymore.

Next on my agenda was the Czech Republic. In 2008 I founded a coaching agency in Prague. Later I became a director of an internationally operating Czech production company. After staying in Rome for a short time I settled back in the Netherlands in 2012.

Here I became proficient in systemic work. At the same time, I started offering energetic work to everyone. Everything to set people and companies free.

Wouter Bosch

During my study and early career, I solved problems with my head. So as we all do. To me this was always intriguing and sometimes exciting. As a child I already knew, that if I touched somebody and the pain of the person would go away. To me this was a gap. A gap which I didn’t know how to put together. I lived in side of me in conflict.

My brain (and those of others) can never see the whole. But you are able to sense the whole.

In a way there was always more to it. The brain can only see and work with a part of everything. It only lives in the past and even as clever as we are, we can’t see reality or the truth with it. You need for that a whole different intelligence. An intelligence that can look free and act free.

So along the way, seeing how companies and people were doing everywhere for me it became apparent not to follow this anymore. Also not to go in conflict with it. I went my own way. Finding out more and more about my abilities, learning to see facts as they are. It is so liberating and nice. So everybody who wants to be free or go beyond his fears, illness or pain is welcome to work with me.

Misschien bij stories op einde.

To be free is zo fantastisch. Komt wel stukje.

Want met de houding ben ik in staat mensen als ze pijn hebben, te helpen. Niet zozeer door het helpen. Maar iets te creëren (woorden, ruimte, beelden, verbinding) waardoor mensen zichzelf kunnen helpen en vinden. Dit kan alleen in een ruimte en verbinding die zelf het karakter heeft van de ontdekking en vrijheid.

This is also the way I am able to work with you when


Personal Energy Work
Personal Energy Work

Free from fear, stress & negativity

Online – from home

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inner transformation
Energy Healing

Go beyond pain, complaints & illness

Online – from home / hospital

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Transformational work
Consciousness Coaching

Transform non-functional patterns

Online – from home

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Mid-week Energy Check

Stay clean & vital throughout your week

Periodically – anywhere

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