Wouter Bosch

“Finding and freeing yourself, whatever the situation. That is what I help you with”

I was born in 1971 in De Lutte in the Netherlands and studied Biomedical Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. After finishing school I started to work in corporate businesses.

For more than 10 years I have carried out projects in the Netherlands and abroad. For about 20 larger organisations and multinationals I realised change and developed leadership and culture. I experienced many organisational dynamics during that time.

Next on my agenda was the Czech Republic. In 2008 I founded a coaching agency in Prague. Later I became a director of an internationally operating Czech production company. After staying in Rome for a short time I settled back in the Netherlands in 2012.

Here I became proficient in systemic work. At the same time, I started offering energetic work to everyone. Everything to set people and companies free.

I enjoy to walk for hours and days, weeks and months. I love to be in nature. Here I am able to experience the beauty life offers.

Beyond the Known | Wouter Bosch

Wouter Bosch

Wouter Bosch’s work in a nutshell

Feeling the energy of a situation, a symptom, or the tension in an organization came naturally to me. As a child, I found out I could feel pain in somebody else and that I could help to overcome it. So for me there is always a longing to look beyond the horizon.

I experienced that if you connect in total freedom and you have a will to understand the other, the result is always life-supporting. The moment you start to include your self-interest, there is an unavoidable distortion. Distortion always leads to something. It can be separation, pain, illness, and so on. You can’t erase a distortion, you can’t erase energy, you can’t erase a problem, fear, or conflict. Ultimately everything is energy. It is only possible to transform energy to a higher (or lower) plan.

The beauty of the work is that nothing has to be changed, suppressed, or removed if you want to set yourself free. You don’t have to discipline yourself, you don’t have to choose for compassion, you don’t have to fight or be against somebody, you don’t have to follow rules and you don’t need to learn something new. Also not from me, because if you do you will not be free. In this openness and clarity, I work with you.