Terms & conditions

Working within the greatest freedom


  • The work here is developed by Wouter Bosch. There is no copyright on any of my work or its texts, you can use them freely.
  • The terms & conditions on this page are for the work as described in a private setting. For company assignments, there are different tariffs and terms, and work is always offered based on a proposal.


  • The payment fee is for a scheduled session of a proposed time duration, preparations, and back office. The fee is the same for all types of work and intensities.
  • The fee doesn’t include a result obligation. If a session takes longer than the scheduled time, then isn’t asked for additional costs. Also if a session is finished before the scheduled end-time there will not be restitution.
  • If you can’t make a booked session, please contact as soon as possible via the info button or per email so your session date & time can be rearranged.
  • If Wouter Bosch is not able to perform (because of illness or personal circumstances) you are informed as soon as possible. We will reschedule a session. If this is not possible or wishful you will be refunded.



  • Anyone who subscribes to a service or anyone who has permitted or caused another person to make a subscription on their behalf is deemed to have agreed to and accepted liability for the payments under the chosen plan.
  • The order and payments are handled by: Mollie.com Keizersgracht 126; 1015 CWAmsterdam; Noord-Holland; Nederland
  • Wouter Bosch is not responsible for the processing of the Client’s payment and shall not be liable for any matter in connection therewith. Therefore, you need to comply with Mollie Terms and Conditions.
  • The fees are exclusive of any VAT or other taxes and public duties, save where Wouter Bosch has explicitly stated to the contrary. It is each User’s responsibility to bear all public duties related to the purchase of the Service. Please note that VAT/GST will be calculated and charged automatically upon payment.



  • A long-term relationship where clients can interact freely is the primary goal. There is no use in working, if somebody doesn’t want to. So, there is a “no questions asked” refund for a booking, 24 hours before the booked session takes place (minus the transaction fee). If a session is canceled 24 hours of less before a session there is a 50% refund (minus the transaction fee). Once a session is started there is no possibility to get a refund.



  • Invoices are not generated.