Free from anxiety, depression and stress

1 on 1 online sessions – to relieve yourself from mental issues and complaints


  • All forms of fear and anxiety, including: ptsd, ocd, collective fears, emotional anxiety
  • Mental trauma
  • (Chronic) depression/ tiredness
  • Mild or severe forms of stress
  • Burn-out
  • Suicidal ideation
  • History of abuse
Target groups
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adults
Form: Liberation Work
  • Energy work | cognitive work | systemic work
  • ENG | GER | FR | CZ | NL
  • Zoom meetings
  • 1 or 1,5 hours

Anxiety, depression and stress influence all we do.
How can we be free of it?

Anxiety, fear, depression or trauma do not go away through control or suppression. Because the moment you stop with controlling or suppressing they reappear. So finding any kind of solution will not help. It may make your life easier for a while, but it will not take away the deeper existence of fear, depression or stress. An existence that roots somewhere in your being.

So if control, suppression or any kind of solution can’t set you free. You can only be free from fear, if you are able to relate without control, without suppression or any thought or solution.
This is very difficult because thoughts, your nervous system and your body reactions function immediately. We instantly judge, clarify, categorize, and compare.
Liberation Work is finding out what it means for you to go beyond your patterns and reactions.

“You know it brings a lot of joy when the mind is free. There is no need to judge or explain. Energy and happiness flow without thinking. We all have experienced moments like that. So what if we work without borders, division, explanation, or judgment? The essence of Liberation work”

Liberation Work


  • We normally start a session by talking about your situation. You don’t have to prepare anything for this.
  • Maybe we find relations between memories, thoughts, fears, or physical symptoms. You will feel it when we find the truth. It brings instant relief to the body and mind.
  • The base of Liberation Work is working energetically. When we start with this, you can relax or go for a short walk. It is nice to observe your inner self a little.
  • The aim is to go down the root of fear, stress, or trauma. You are free, the moment we reach the source, the energy behind the fear.
  • Probably there are insights or feelings connected with your freedom. It will make you understand the illusion or memory behind the fear, depression or stress. But you don’t need these impressions to become free.
  • Normally we have to work a couple of times before we can reach awareness without fear. As long as there is progress it is worthwhile to continue.
Liberation Work

Transforming anxiety

“Maybe you are afraid to look at yourself. But fear, stress or depression are not really interesting. If you find a way to go through your own limitations, you can find inner peace. When you have inner peace the energy you needed to control your stress or fears, is free and available for you. Now that is interesting!”

“You will feel probalby good during or immediately after a session. But you are able to acknowledge that you are free, the moment you go back into your life. You will realize that you are lighter and more open.”
Set yourself free

Book a personal session

  • In most cases, you can immediately sense a welcoming change in your inner being. The quality and intensity of symptoms change
  • You can enjoy the work at home, a hospital or any place you want
  • A session is supported with a personal talk via Zoom at the beginning and at the end. Energy support is also possible without a Zoom session. Please let me know how I can help
Liberation work
Liberation Work

Free from anxiety, depression and stress

Price €80 / hour (incl VAT / tax)

For everybody & right from home

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ENG | GER | FR | CZ | NL

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