Most frequently asked questions

Working with energy means working directly to the core. Every deviation or blockade is immediately sensed, so we can make ourselves conscious of whatever pups up.

Working with energy also means that we don’t need to work longer than necessary. When there is relief and nothing to sense anymore, it is done.

In most cases, people feel immediately enlightened during or shortly after a session. Sometimes this is enough to go on. It is common though to work at least 3 times with me to reach the inner growth to freedom. Frequency and duration vary due to many factors because every human and situation is at the energetic level unique.

I can feel pain and symptoms from a distance. This is beautiful for deep and effective work, because we can work immediately to the core and we don’t need to work longer than necessary. Also for people who had a lot of therapy this work can be very helpful, because we can do it all without words. Though when it comes to ‘deep’ illnesses words can be very helpful.

You can stop during a session anytime. If you don’t want to be helped or to work on yourself, there is energetically nothing to do.

Why should I do this work?

Is being cautious necessary towards this work?

Is this work for everybody?

Do you work energetically with children?

Does the work always diminish symptoms?

What is the difference between working on distance and via touch?

Can I declare your work at an insurance company?

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How far is the reach of your work?