Empowerment of the mind
Transformational work

Consciousness Coaching

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€25 (incl. tax) / 30 minutes

€120 (incl. tax) / 1,5 hours

There is the possibility for a short intake where we can meet each-other and explore the situation. We can find out if

consciousness coaching

is a suitable way to help you grow. During the short intake you can ask whatever question you want.

  • Adults
  • If you want to develop your inner strength and qualities
  • When there is a urge for more harmony in your life
  • If you want to be open for the new and overcome crisis
  • If you are let by the delusions of the day
  • When you feel insecure, excluded, ashamed or maintain unhealthy relations
  • When you suffer from non explainable anger, disgust or sadness
  • A carefull and intense observation, enquiry and discussion
  • Consciousness coaching can be in a pre-defined plan or just from session to session
  • The work is fully fitting your way through life

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