Empowerment of the mind

Can you be truly free?


  • If you want to develop your inner strength and qualities
  • When there is a urge for more harmony in your life
  • If you want to be open for the new and overcome crisis
  • If you are let by the delusions of the day
  • When you feel insecure, excluded, ashamed or maintain unhealthy relations
  • When you suffer from non explainable anger, disgust or sadness
Target group
  • Adults
Form: Consciousness Coaching
  • Cognitive work | systemic work | energy work
  • ENG | GER | NL
  • Zoom meetings
  • 1,5 hours
What does it mean to be free?
To be empowered?

Can you be free?

Can you live without conflict, without loss of energy? Not struggling, not doubting, but full alife?

If you look at yourself with opinions, believes, emotions, conclusions you look with distortion. There will be a conflict between the fact and your convictions and therefore you lose energy. Life will not be simple. When you have no projections, prejudices, conclusions you can deal with anything rationally, healthy, and with capacity. There is no loss of energy, there is no confusion.

empowerment of the mind
“Consciousness is the whole field in which thoughts function and relationships exist”
Why is human consciousness important to set yourself free?

Because you always bring something new in contact with already known experiences, memories, and knowledge you are not able to see clearly. If you want to have the capacity to think fresh, if you want to reach for new ways that aren’t a projection of your images and imaginations, your mind has to be free.
You have to be able to see the new!
Consciousness coaching is a way to make you familiar with understanding yourself. A way to think fresh, empowered, and free.


Consciousness coaching offers

Empowerment of the mind

  • An honest, safe, and non-judgmental setting
  • Cooperation in enquiring together
  • Energy to help you see clear through prejudices and convictions. It takes a lot of energy to go outside of your patterns and the consciousness of humankind
  • Capacity for understanding. With understanding there is not meant some kind of opinion, analysis, or evaluation. But that we together observe. Observing externally (what is happening in the world), but also what is happening to you inwardly. Physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically
  • Reflection on different levels: cognitive, systemic, and energetic
Empower your mind

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  • There is a possibility to book a short intake session to discuss your situation and explore if there is ground to work on
  • You can enjoy this beautiful work right from home
  • Sessions are supported via Zoom with agenda invitation and reminders
Transformational work
Consciousness Coaching

Empowerment of the mind

Price €80 / hour (incl VAT / tax)

Easy booking – you can pick the best moment right in your timezone

You receive an email with a Zoom link for the session immediately after your booking

You pay per session and you can stop anytime. Without any attachements.