I am doing a lot better. Since Friday I feel less tired and a smile appeared on my face again. I notice that I am improving every day and have more energy even though I am on chemo.
After the session, I also noticed that I had less pain in my right forearm, something that has been bothering me for months. Doomsday thinking has given way to positivity.
Really great that this has all been set in motion by your treatment!

Surviving cancer

Hi Wouter, Thank you because everything is starting to change in my life. I am indeed more and more empowered, others notice it too! But I can also look at things more positively. Fewer obstacles in my mind, not out of fear but more out of trust. I live more in the now, I don’t anticipate too much what could possibly go wrong because of the cancer! Very pleasant!



I have experienced the conversations and treatment as very beautiful just before my third chemo. Really felt the warmth, strength and love come into my body. Thanks for this all.

Intense experience

Intense experience

Wouter treated me 3 times. The first time from a distance. That was a special and intense experience. It seemed like my abdomen was on fire. The second and third treatments were in his practice. What a loving experience that was, wow. It has greatly improved the problems in my lower abdomen and I am enjoying life again.


Two months ago I visited you for a consultation. My right shoulder was locked and I was experiencing a lot of pain. You then gave me extensive treatment. My shoulder and I are much better now. I’ve already forgotten it hurt so much. By this mail, I would like to thank you again for your contribution to the recovery of my shoulder.

Chronic illness

Lieber Wouter, Danke. Gleich nach unserer Arbeit ging es mir sehr gut. Ich spürte eine große Befreiung. Danke nochmal.
Herzliche Grüße!

Dear Wouter, thank you. Immediately after our work, I was doing very well. I felt a great liberation. Best regards!

Back pain

I hardly dare to believe it, but I only had a few bad cramps in my back. After that the back pain was gone. There are no problems anymore and I walk well. Awesome!! Thanks again dear man.

Broken elbow

In 2012 I had an accident and broke my elbow. The elbow needed operation and I learned to use my arm again. But, the pain never went away and my arm remained tender. After I visited Wouter 3 times, I was able to lie on my arm again (something I had not been able to do for 5 years). A month later my arm was no longer sensitive and painful at all. Thank you for your loving treatment along with a good dose of humor.