Beyond pain, illness and complaints

Energy Healing

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First session / standard session

€80 (incl. tax)

Other durations

When we have to work more than one time, you can also choose from two other options. A short session of 30 minutes for only energy work (for instance an infection) or a longer version when we also need to talk or look systemically (for instance chronic illnesses). Probably we discussed the duration of the next session in a previous session. If you have questions, please use the information button.

€40 (incl. tax)

€160 (incl. tax)

Energy healing

supports you when you have an illness or suffer from symptoms like pain. It also provides support, when you want to work on healing yourself and grow out of your situation. The work is applicable from aggressive forms of cancer to small infections.

The aim is to help your body and mind with a surplus of energy. This provides strength and inner peace. Symptoms and mental stress recede in most of the cases. Deeper causes are touched energetically or consciously seen. From there more is possible. Effects are for everybody different.

  • Energy work


    Cognitive work


    Systemic work

  • Supplemental to any therapeutic or medical treatment
  • ENG | GER | FR | CZ | NL
  • You can enjoy and receive the work right from home or an hospital anywhere in the world
  • €80 / hour (incl. tax)
  • Zoom meeting
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  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adults

  • If you are a parent and you would like to get support for your child you can do this by booking a session for yourself. During the session we work with the situation of your child. The child has to be non-adult (approximately not older than 18 years).

    • Acute and chronic symptoms and pain
    • Psychosomatic complaints
    • Body organs/parts that don't function well
    • (Mini) stroke/ TIA
    • Auto-immune diseases
    • Cancer in all its variations
    • Life-limiting illnesses
    • Negative side-effects of medicine
    • Intensive medical treatments/operations
    • Rehabilitation

  • We talk at the beginning and end of a session.
  • The central part is energy work.
  • During this time you can rest, take a little walk or observe your inner-self without effort. Anybody can do this.
  • At the end there is time for exchanging experiences.

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