Beyond pain, illness and complaints

1 on 1 sessions for the relieve of small complaints all the way to support of illnesses as cancer. Right from home or a hospital bed. This work is supplemental to any therapeutic or medical treatment.


  • Acute and chronic symptoms and pain
  • Illnesses that are difficult to cure
  • Psychosomatic complaints
  • Body organs/parts that don't function well
  • (Mini) stroke/ TIA
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Cancer in all its variations
  • Life-limiting illnesses
  • Negative side-effects of medicine
  • Intensive medical treatments/operations
  • Rehabilitation
Target groups
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adults
Form: Energy Healing
  • Zoom sessions
  • Energy work | Cognitive work | Systemic work
  • ENG | GER | FR | CZ | NL
  • 1 or 2 hours
  • World Wide
What is energy healing?

Energy Healing supports your body and your mind. Symptoms like pain diminish. You receive a surplus of energy. This makes you more balanced and resourceful for any situation.

The main work is sensing and relieving blockades on a metaphysical level. Your senses feel it. We also talk during sessions or work systemically when necessary. Trying to become aware what the truth of your situation is.

Energy Healing helps you to a state of more flow, peace, and connection. This ultimately results in going forward. For everybody the experiences and results are different.

With Energy Healing you choose a loving way of caring for yourself, your situation and recuperation.

What to expect from Energy Healing?

How does it help with illness and pain?

Energy healing relieves you from symptoms and complaints. This means that you can feel a relief of pain, fear or other symptoms normally during or after a first session. Even if your symptoms are intense or strongly embedded.

If we work with chronic situations or deep illnesses (like cancer) we work step by step. In this way you can become more and more aware of yourself and your situation. Being deeply aware can set you free. You grow beyond your situation.

This work relieves mental or emotional stress created by being ill, having pain, undergoing medical interventions, or facing an early death. You are able to stay more with yourself in difficult times of illness and pain. And this is very important. Try to contain your situation.

Whatever your condition is or whatever medical treatment you undergo, energy healing will support you. There are no negative side effects of this work. The only uncomfortable aspect that can occur is that symptoms related to the body increase before they diminish.

Energy healing helps to quickly relieve you of symptoms when you have a disease or suffer from complaints. It offers energy for direct support. Next to the receding of symptoms your body and mind will become more aware of the disharmony and are able to experience harmony again. These profound experiences are beautiful incentives on your way to recuperation and health.

Book a session

  • During a session you receive support for body and mind
  • In most cases you can immediately sense a welcoming change in your inner being. The quality and intensity of symptoms like pain, stress or fear change
  • You can comfortably sit or lie down. However you like it. There is no effort needed.
  • A session is supported with a personal talk via Zoom at the beginning and at the end. Energy support is also possible without a Zoom session. Please let me know how I can help.
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Energy Healing

Beyond pain, illness and complaints

Price €80 / hour (incl VAT / tax)

You can enjoy the work at home, a hospital or any place you want

Easy and secure booking – you can pick the best moment right in your timezone

You pay per session and you can stop anytime. Without any attachements

You receive an email with a Zoom link for the session immediately after your booking

Languages: ENG | GER | FR | CZ | NL