Beyond pain, illness and complaints

With #2 / Energy Healing
Relieve of small complaints all the way to intense support of illnesses as cancer. This work is supplemental to any therapeutic or medical treatment. It also supports the body and the mind during periods of rehabilitation.
- Acute and chronic symptoms and pain
- Illnesses that are difficult to cure
- Psychosomatic complaints
- Body organs/parts that don't function well
- TIA's
- Auto-immune diseases
- Cancer in all its variations
- Life-limiting illnesses
- Negative side-effects of medicine
- Intensive medical treatments/operations
- Rehabilitation
- Zoom sessions
- Energy work | cognitive | systemic
- ENG | GER | FR | CZ | NL
- 1,5 or 2 hours
Target groups
- Babies
- Children
- Adults
What is energy healing?

Energy Healing supports your body and your mind. Symptoms like pain relieve. You receive a surplus of energy. This makes you more balanced and resourceful for any situation.

We work towards a kind of breakthrough. Energy Healing helps you to a situation of more flow, peace, connection, and going forward. For everybody the experiences and results are different.

The main work is sensing and relieving blockades and symptoms. But we also talk during a session, sometimes to get more understanding or to find out, what is behind.

With Energy Healing you choose a loving way of caring for yourself, your situation and recuperation.

I’m doing a lot better. Since Friday I am less tired and a smile appeared on my face again. I am improving every day and have more energy even though I am on chemo. After the session, I also noticed that I had less pain in my right forearm. Something that has been bothering me for months. Doomsday thinking has given way to positivity. Really great that this has all been set in motion by your treatment!
What to expect from Energy Healing?

In most cases people feel better during a session. The relieve of pain, negativity or tiredness can be noticed by your senses very clearly. Pain or tiredness can also increase temporarily, before it diminishes. In more than half of the cases you will notice a steady relief from symptoms in the days to come.

It is possible that you only need one session. But normally you will need a minimal of three sessions to transform to a new balance. The work is fully supporting the path you take.

Some case examples
Being some regular cases what is possible to say out of experience

Chronic knee problem

  • 3 sessions of 30 minutes during three weeks
  • Energy work

Severe skin condition and mild anxiety and stress

  • 2 longer and 3 shorter sessions in a period of 10 days
  • Cognitive, energy and systemic work
  • Stable situation. The skin was at ease and was fully rehabilitated in the weeks after

Rehabilitation after a TIA (mini stroke)

  • 2 sessions of 2 hours during a period of 2 weeks
  • Energy work

An aggressive form of cancer

  • Periodic support during a period of 2 years
  • Cognitive and energy work
  • Topics:
  1. Finding a deeper understanding of cancer and the ‘me’
  2. Staying out of the survival, fear and fighting mode
  3. Letting go of the ‘old me’ and opening up to ‘healthy’ ways of relating
  4. Energetic support around operations, the cancer itself, pain and side effects of medicine
  5. Reintegration into society of the new ‘me’ after an intense and transforming period

The relief of being ‘stuck in an illness’ or the relief of pain (even for a short time) will help the body and mind to remember and rebalance. The renewed vitality and freshness have all kinds of positive influences.

It works easy

I can feel pain and symptoms from a distance. This is beautiful for deep and effective work, because we can work immediately to the core and we don’t need to work longer than necessary. Also for people who had a lot of therapy this work can be very helpful, because we can do it all without words. Though when it comes to ‘deep’ illnesses words can be very helpful.

Acute and chronic symptoms and pain

Diseases that are difficult to heal

Psychosomatic complaints

During medical rehabilitation

Psychological and emotional complaints

Body organs that have difficulties with functioning

Autoimmune diseases

All variations of cancer

Life-limiting illnesses

With Energy Healing you choose a loving way of caring for yourself, your symptoms and recuperation. Energy Healing gives support for body and mind no matter your precise condition.
This work can also show you insights, how your illness or complaint is entangled in your life and inner world.

What can you expect from an energy healing session?

  • During a session you receive support for body and mind (read more)
  • In most cases you can immediately sense a welcoming change in your inner-being
  • Symptoms like pain, stress or fear diminish during or after a first session (read more)
  • You can enjoy the work at home or an hospital anywhere in the world
  • A session is supported with a personal talk via Zoom at the beginning and at the end to talk about the situation and share any experiences
  • During a session you can comfortably sit or lie down, however you like it
  • Price €80 / hour (incl VAT / tax)

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