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Vitality Work

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Vitality work

is meant as support for body and mind. Helping you to stay alert and sensitive.

  • Energy work

  • Wednesdays on a weekly basis (4 times)
  • World wide
  • €80
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Everybody who want to receive some support in staying energetically balanced and gain extra vitality.

If you are a parent and you wish this work for your child, please state the child"s name when you book. The child can not be older than 18 years.

The work takes place on Wednesday. A personal focus of 20 minutes with the aim to relief and support you energetically.

There are every week opportunities to book a place to receive support. When you book Vitality Work you receive relief and support during 4 weeks on every Wednesday. There is a maximum amount of participants that can begin, so starting moments can be fully booked. You see the first bookable possibilities.

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