A balanced Life


A balanced life


  • If you want receive support to stay alert, aware and sensitive
  • Extra support in difficult emotional or mental times
  • Extra support during periods of recuperation
Target group
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adults
Form: Vitality Work
  • Energy support
  • 4 times on Wednesdays during a period of 4 weeks

It can take a great deal of energy to stay alert, aware and sensitive. Vitality Work is a beautiful way to help you with that. You can receive energetic support during a period of 4 weeks.

A balanced life – Vitality Work

  • Vitality Work relieves you from energetic pollution. Disturbances you obtain from your surroundings, life situation, people, work, propaganda, or stress.
  • Secondly, you will receive energy to feel more aware, calm, and alive. So you can tread through your week more aware and sensitive.



  • Periodic energy support can be very helpful after a period of illness or during rehabilitation
  • Vitality Work can also be a great following-up after you worked personal 1-on-1
  • If you combine the energy treatment with a serious tendency to become aware and sensitive, you can become freer and freer from conflict and pain. Please don’t make it an effort, because you will create inner conflict. Just open up to life and see

Beautiful support for
the challenges
of this time

– Staying sensitive and centered in moving times –

How does it work?

  • Vitality work is there to support you
  • You can just go on with your daily life wherever you are, there is no need to change anything
  • It is a clean and pure way of working without limitations of thoughts or words
  • When you book you can fill in the Wednesday you want to start receiving your first energy treatment
  • From this day on there will be an energy check of 20 minutes every Wednesday for 4 weeks long
  • You can drop a little word about your life situation or your motivation, but this is not necessary. All that is necessary is your name and your wish to receive support. You show this by subscribing.
Vitality work for children and the non-capable
  • If you are a parent and you would like to get support for your child you can do this by booking and mentioning its name. Please fill in your own name in the additional field. The child has to be non-adult (approximately not older than 18 years).
  • If a person is not capable to book (too ill, old, handicapped or in an institution) you can also ask for support. Please let me know in advance, via the information button.
A welcoming present

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  • You can go on with your daily life wherever you are
  • It is a matter of receiving, there is no need to change anything
A balanced life
Vitality Work

A balanced inner-life

€80 (incl VAT / tax) for 4 weeks

Easy and secure booking

No language barriers

Anywhere on the planet

A true present for yourself