Inner transformation

Transformational work will help you if you want to:

  • empower your mind
  • be free from anxiety, stress, and other forms of negativity
  • deal with light, severe or chronic pain, symptoms, or diseases
  • have a balanced inner-life

All the offered work follows the movement towards more inner freedom, strength and peace whatever your situation will be. An illness, pain, trauma, longing, career, ambition or relationship problems are used as the enabler for you to grow. The work is profound, because you will not only work cognitively (with what we know). But you also can work systemically and/or energetically where needed and wishful.

Only when we broaden our perspective we can work with the cause of situations and symptoms. If we stay in our mind we keep working with the symptoms trying to change or suppress them. This takes effort and is a waste of energy if you look at it more carefully. When you want to grow, become more conscious and innerly free, you have to go beyond the known. For everybody a unique and beautiful path.

Book and work with me. It’s simple. You can do it right from home anywhere in the world. Every step you take to become who you are, is truly beautiful.

Beyond the Known | Wouter Bosch

Inner transformation

Transformational work in 4 main themes

Be free from fear, stress and negativity

  • Energy work to help you transform mental issues
  • Online - 1 on 1 - from home

Go beyond pain, illness and complaints

  • Find out if you can work yourself up and beyond discomfort, get free from pain and handle your recuperation more resourceful?
  • Or ask for a natural way of support for your body and mind when you suffer from pain or symptoms
  • Online - from home / hospital

Empower your mind

  • Free yourself from inner blockades and conditioning
  • Free your mind
  • Online - 1 on 1 - from home

A balanced

  • Vitality Work relieves you from disturbances you obtain from your surroundings, life situation, people, work, propaganda, and stress.
  • 4 weeks energy support
  • Subscription